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gilchrist. a 2.4 magnitude earthquake in louisa county early this morning. with just checked in with the u.s. geological survey. that quake hit at 12:43 this morning not far from mineral, virginia, central virginia. it was a 2.4 magnitude earthquake. people in the towns of luns is a and kent store report they felt the rumble inside their homes. no reports of injuries or damage right now. this quake was just about 4 1/2 miles east of the epicenter of last year's powerful earthquake. >>> this is the map right now of where that magnitude -- 2.4 earthquake hit right there in the epicenter near mineral county. this is the same area last year where that 5.8 magnitude shook that city and was felt throughout the east coast. >>> time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom kierein is here to talk about the difficult's forecast. >> no reports of rumbling around here. we had the sky overnight partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. right now it's partly cloudy right over the po triver. it's near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. low to mid 60s now in the mountains. low and mid 70s around the bay where they'r
is organizing in areas it left before u.s. troops pulled out of iraq last december. >>> in just a few hours, the suspect in the colorado shooting rampage will be in court. angie goff has more. >> holmes is due in court at 11:30 our time. the suspect and the public defender will go before a district judge. the hearing is expected to be brief. the 24-year-old is accused of killing a dozen people and injuring scores more during a midnight premier of the latest batman film. no charges are likely to be filed today. eventually several charges are expected. right now we're learning more about the suspected shooter. they say holmes stockpiled thousands of bullets and head-to-toe ballistic gear. we're hearing a batman gas was found inside his apartment after booby traps were cleared. aa voice mail greeting was described as freakish. right now the suspect is in solitary confinement, not cooperating with authorities. >> the most important thing is that we put this evidence together and assist the prosecutor in holding this person accountable. we will convict him. >> police are still trying to determin
use it were in awe of the yesterday. a man was pulling out of 7-eleven when this mercedes coupe fell. they say the tree was completely decayed, possible explanation as to why it fell. now, what they're working on right now is to remove another tree that they feel may be in the same condition. so right now we've got these road closures here at walker road and georgetown pike. if this is the way you come in the morning, know that you're not going to be able to get beyond walker road until they're done cleaning up this tree. they're trying to accelerate their progress but, of course, there's a lot of work to be done. tracee wilkins reporting live in great falls. let's go to danella. >> good morning. thank you. for drivers who take that road, jump on leesburg pike instead. let's head over to the situation on shadygrove road. i 370, it's now clear. travel lanes are open in both directions. let's head up to,-95 in maryland at 198. travel lanes are open northbound and southbound heading to the beltway, no issues for you. not seeing any delays as you drive about 64 miles per hour. that trip
for several years, but being used as a storage facility for the city and school system. out here a little while ago securing the building, locking up a couple of gates that had to be broken through by firefighters. the cause of the blaze right now is under investigation. live in northeast washington, melissa why mollet, back to you. >>> montgomery county police are searching for the man who sexual eye assaulted a 21-year-old woman in a wooded area near headley farm drive. the woman was walking her dog at the time. >>> today, president obama's health care law will face its next test. a live look at capitol hill here. that is where house republicans are sponsoring three hearings on the law today. one hearing will focus on the reforms's impact on doctors and patients. another will examine the individual mandate as a tax. and the third will look at the law's impact on the economy and job correction. the house plans to hold a symbolic vote to repeal the law sometime this week. >> it will be a busy day for the d.c. up council. members have a full plate of votes. a plan to modernize d.c. cabs le
. hamsters used in that study were exposed to dill light at night for four weeks. those hamsters lacked energy and motivation. the good news, within two weeks of going back into a dark room the hamsters moods were back to normal. >> how do you tell when a hamster is in a good mood? >> hit that wheel. >> what about night lights? my kids like night lights. >> hopefully if you have that issue, you turn us on in the morning and we can perk you right up. >> beautiful sunrise out there. beautiful morning to start. tom, good morning. >> a glorious start to this wednesday. a wonderful break from the high heat and humidity. you will notice a fresh change when you step out the door. much of the region down into the 60s. right now reagan national is in the low 70s. and it's in the low 70s near the bay to mid to upper 70s in a few locations. bay waters in the 80s. throughout the day, here is your day planner, we will climb to the upper 80s by mid afternoon. we'll have hot, dry conditions with low humidity throughout the day. change is on the way. seven-day outlook at 7:21. danella, how is traffic n
this weekend, the u.s. gymnast considered to be the favorite to win the gold, this young lady here, jordyn wieber, failed to qualify. she was reduced to tears. her parents crying in the stands, as well. we'll have more on wieber in just a few minutes. >>> the emotional highs u.s. swimmer setting a world regard. dana vollmer. we'll hear from her dater this morning. >>> time is 6:00 a.m. and it is 73 degrees outside our studios. looks like a few clouds off in the distance on this july 30th. tom keierein is in storm center 4. >> 75 miles away, across the other side of the bay looking over towards the east. a little bit of light haze. now maybe a little patchy fog. the view from pace showing clear skies. one little shower here near baltimore and northern delaware. drifting east. otherwise, just a few clouds will be drifting in from the south and west aloft. as the morning progresses, right now we're in the 60s. all these areas in green. most virginia, most maryland, few locations in the hylands are in the upper 50s. mid 60s along the tidal potomac. day planner for this monday. by 7:00, we'll h
with us this morning. 6:00 a.m. 73 degrees right now. not too bad for july. but it is going to get much, much worse as the day progresses. >> meteorologist tom kierein says we have grapefruit in the sky. >> pink grapefruit this morning. anyone working in the yard this weekend probably took four showers just trying to get the humidity out of your system. it is a little less humid this morning, thankfully. here's what's looking like just a few hours ago. we had some lingering showers over the metro area into virginia and much of maryland. those moved east and dissipated. now the sky is beginning to clear out a bit. and it has turned a little less humid with a bit of a northwesterly breeze. temperatures around the region are into the upper 60s to near 70 in parts of howard, montgomery, frederick counties. washington county, western maryland. west virginia, much of the sh shenandoah valley. fairfax and arlington counties. prince george's county and southern montgomery, calvert, charles, st. mary's, skenly in the low to mid 70s this morning. here's your monday day planner. by noon, it will b
degrees even by late evening tomorrow morning. in the 70s. so another warm start for us for sure. again, hot one today as we hit 100 to 101. let's look at traffic now with mike. >> thank you, veronica. we have a bit of a problem on the outer loop of the beltway at old dominion. traffic getting by the construction to the left. heavy delays beginning at the legion bridge now in maryland. and we also have some slow transits to worry about. marc brunswick, 89 0rks 30-minute delay. metro rail, a bit of a delay on theial low line as you're making the trip because of some earlier track -- signal malfunctions that have been repaired. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, mike. >>> breaking news now, a man gets shot by police, then steals and crashes a police cruiser. and it's all caught on tape. police say this started in the 4700 block of lakeland road in college park just off the campus of the university of maryland. news4 tracee wilkins live at the scene. tracy, good morning. >> good morning, aaron. police say that they were actually called here because of the report of a man with a gun here on
anybody but there is that chance. meteorologist veronica johnson, tell us what's going on out there. >> i'm even saying try and get the barbecue in early before the heat builds and before the threat of storms. you know, we've been watching some showers out there this morning. this entire line here on the radar, dropping southbound in pennsylvania. gets really dissipated with the exception of one little area. that's around hagerstown. clear to see on your screen. that's around i-70 just south of hagerstown. it will be dropping towards boonsboro. myersville in the next 48 minutes. moderate rain coming to your neighborhood. cooling down. 76, much warmer here in d.c. 77 packs river, 87 in annapolis. 95 to 98 degrees. humidity will be higher than yesterday. that means pretty oppressive conditions today. we do have a heat advisory because it will feel like 105. tomorrow ice high, 98 degrees. friday's hi, 98 degrees. 99, 98, and 101 coming our way for saturday. looking for cooler conditions. we get that next week. most of the highs revert back to average, into the upper 80s. danella? >> good mor
has not been charged. the u.s. attorney's office says the shadow campaign deceived voters and it will continue the investigation. >> the shadow campaign was entirely off the books. financed with secret corporate money so that d.c. voters had no idea who was influencing them at the ballot box. >> harris said neither she nor the co-conspirator devised the shadow campaign but refused to say who did. mayor gray has denied any wrongdoing. >>> the d.c. council is now on summer recess but managed to pass several measures before going on break. one measure includes new regulations for the taxi cab industry. taxis will be required to have gps technology and credit card machines by the end of this year to avoid inflated rates. the d.c. council approved a bill that allows police to use breathalyzers again. council members also agreed that car owners can be held responsible for traffic camera tickets no matter who was driving the car and verizon center got approval to install nine new monitors to modernize its billboards. >>> the house will vote on whether to repeal president obama's
a look at the radar right now. and some of our reporting stations, it did cool some of us off. area germantown, fairfax, your temperatures now from 60s, the upper 60s to low 70s. a lot of neighborhoods in the mid and upper 70s throughout the area. we're getting up to 90 degrees by noontime today. it's going to be hot. it's going to be humid. there could be some more showers and storms coming our way from noon to the evening hours. probably up until about 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. this evening. but 95 degrees by 3:00 p.m. today. here's a look at that radar again showing your the bigger storms well east cambridge, salisbury. those are moving away but we could see more later today. notice the temperatures, too. cumberland, 66. 65 in leesburg. 79 in charlottesville. no cooling here or in d.c. or even in annapolis with a temperature of 78 degrees. here's a look at your four-day forecast. 90 for tomorrow. 96 forecast right now on the fourth of july. that high heat continues this week. >>> good morning. well, right now still checking out problems on the roadway. chopper 4 checked out i-95 a
see here, lightning. a lot of us saw that last night. the damage nowhere near as widespread as our last big storm, but a lot of communities are feeling the effects. >> and some are waking up without power, just as they believed they had gotten it all back for good. pepco's numbers are holding steady around 360 outages right now. that's down from nearly 3,000 earlier this morning. northern virginia was the hardest hit, and dominion power is reporting about 3,700 customers are still in the dark. bge's numbers are now quickly shrinking, down almost to 900 in the past half hour to right around 1,000 customers in the dark. >> tom kierein's here now. some folks still dealing with a little rain and maybe some other things this morning, too. >> a little thunder and lightning, but most of the severe weather we had last night is long gone, and the big news is cooler weather moving in, thanks to this stalled front that's been giving us these passing showers and thunder showers. that's the moving color you see on storm4 radar. right now, a closer view showing moderate downpours, these areas in
backtrack a bit but not before british leaders fired back. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from london. how are people reacting there? >> reporter: bit of a rowel here as they might say in great britain. when you look at what romney said and who he is, he oversaw the 2002 games. that gives what he says a little bit of weight. when romney came here he says, look, this is not political. i'm not here to criticize my country's policy but, instead, he sort of backhandedly ended up criticizing the british saying their security preparations and the problems that we've seen were disconcerting. problems like not enough private security guards. they had to boost that number with military troops who had been brought in as late as this week. now, what those comments calling it disconcerting, that did not sit well with london's mayor or the prime minister. here's what they had to say. >> totally dme lly demonstrated. we show the whole world we're extremely good at welcoming people from across the world. >> i hear there's a guy, there's a guy called mitt romney who wants to know whether we're ready. he w
gilchrist. it is going to be another hot one today, folks. take a live look outside with us, if you will, at 6:00 a.m. the sun is up and only 74 degrees right now. doesn't feel too bad. get out there now if you need to, because tom kierein, it's going to get ugly later. >> yeah. the sunlight now is flooding the stratosphere. not quite seeing it here at the surface. sunrise this morning 6:03. that's getting later and later. and for our average temperatures, they're getting cooler and cooler. each day that goes by, average highs are cooler, but we're not going to do that today. it's going to be a hot one. right now there's the view from space. we have just a few high clouds drifting in from the north. right now, temperatures are pleasant! we're in the low to mid-70s the rural areas of maryland and virginia. right in the district, mid and upper 70s, as well as near the bay. and some of the highlands along skyline drive as well as in west virginia, western maryland, they're in the low 80s. there is some hot air aloft coming in from the midwest. they've been dealing with extreme heat the last
risk. about 3,000 of those customers are in the d.c. area. wells fargo also agreed to use $50 million for down payment assistance in especially hard hit areas including d.c. and baltimore. >>> an argument over a spare tire ends with one man dead and another behind bars. the deadly shooting happened yesterday afternoon in the 11100 block of cross road trail in brandywine. police say a domestic dispute ended when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other. the victim died of his injuries. police arrested one man and also found the gun. >>> 6:06 is our time. thousands of cases being put back under the microscope. the reason behind the largest review in fbi history. >>> if you're on the go this weekend, pack your umbrella. >>> next, how would you like to be the guy who has to clean up this mess, unintended domino show, >>> take a look at this. it loobs like a game of dominos. a long line of rhody viders collapsed in the middle of the day in china. the .9 of a mile long stretch came tumbling down just 30 seconds. get this, it's the second time in ten days the divider fence collapsed.
, some of the competition is actually already under way. a preliminary round of the u.s. women's soccer. they won 4-2 over france yesterday. the crowds not only here around the olympic park, but more so in london as people come in, hundreds of thousands of visitors come in. these crowds have been huge. we've been getting around by bus, but getting around by train, which is pretty common in london -- their subway is called the tube -- those tube stations are crowded. eun? >> i can only imagine. tracie potts live from london for us this morning. thank you. have fun. >>> it is 6:07 right now. and ahead this morning, new video of panic inside another movie theater. what sent people running just days after the colorado shootings. >>> plus, what you will be paying more for first because of the drought that is crippling corn crops. >>> i'm storm4 meteorologist tom kierein, keeping an eye on some strong storms that are moving in out of pennsylvania into western maryland. they may get close to the metro area later this morning. >>> weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning at 6:11, tom kierein
. >> i'm angie goff. and it is hot, hot, hot outside. i mean, we've got a beautiful picture behind us. don't be deceived. this is where the temperatures are right now. some people are waking up to the 80s. >> we're going to push 100 degrees come later in the day. tom kierein is here with the details. >> it's 6:00 in the morning. do you know where your local pool is? >> jump? >> yeah. get familiar with it because that will be the best place to cool down today is to take a dip in the cool, cool waters. you will feel so much better. if you have to work outside, of course, try to get into the shade and take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water because we are going to have extreme heat again this afternoon. here are the local metro area temperatures. it's at 74 over on camp springs and prince george's county, montgomery county, most locations in the low to mid 70s. arlington into fairfax county, most locations, low to mid 70s there as well. wider view showing temperatures in the shen dan noah valley and out in the mountains. many locations in the 60s this morning. and right around the ch
with us at 6:11, you're waking up to some very chilling news out of aurora, colorado. >> one reality, it hasn't been reported, for somebody here, this is a batman movie. a comic book character, cartoon character, a live action character. it is very likely that some of these victims are children, were probably looking at teenagers or maybe even younger, for this screening of a movie in july. so that information has not come out as of yet. we do expect more press conferences from the police chief there in aurora, colorado, as the day progresses. we will bring you that information as soon as it's available. >>> let's check our forecast now with 12 minutes after the hour. tom kierein is in storm center4. >> live view from our hd city camera overlooking the potomac and capitol hill. we've got heavy moisture laden'd clouds. all of the way into the afternoon, some rain showers afternoon. during the afternoon, some coupe could be heavy downpours that could cause isolated flooding. looks like that will continue into tonight. watch out for high water. we'll be in the 70s through the evening. s
looking for evidence. >> we are looking for anything that may lead to us a path of flight from the suspects, anything that may have been discarded. it's a pretty big crime scene now, about three, four blocks. >> police are investigating a possible connection between this shooting and another one that happened tuesday near sherman circle. >> a popular dc promoter died when he was hit on the parkway. gary richards had gotten out of his car to switch seats with a passenger when another car hit him. the driver of the car did stay on the scene. richards was a representative for a celebrity endorsed brand of vodka. >> 17-year-old marquis correa has not been seen since monday. he's believed to be in the area of the ashburn shopping center. he's in need of medication. if you think you've seen him, call the count see sheriff's office. >> a judge revoked zimmerman's bond last month and prosecutors accused him and his wife of hiding money they raised on a web site for his defense. a newly released report says he had black eyes from his encounter with martin. zimmerman claims that he kille
. there's a look on our sky cam right now. but, again, those showers just down to the south of us where it's 78 degrees. dew point temperature at 65 degrees. again, we always talk ak that dew point temperature because when it's up around 70, it gets pretty darn humid around here. at 65 degrees right now. that is just starting to feel humid. our levels are going to stay here today as opposed to where they're going to be tomorrow. 70 to 74 degrees. maybe even higher for a spell during the afternoon. the showers and storms, right there across southern maryland, leonard town and out over the bay. right around the warm front. for this morning at 9:00 a.m., not as muggy. then 79 to 83 degrees. by the noon hour, 88 to 92. just like yesterday, easily at 90 degrees by noontime. topping out at 95. no storms until later this evening. danella? eun? >> veronica, thank you. >>> traffic signals in our area are still in the dark this morning including this one in silver spring. it's one of about 200 or so still out in montgomery county. police are asking drivers to be cautious when approaching dark signal
, it makes us proud. it makes us proud. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> there he is. apparently there are people in new england who can't keep their hands off the hoff. hundreds of the cut-outs of the former "baywatch" star david hasslehoff are trying to tempt you with a drink. it seems like everyone wants one. >> it's crazy. they keep offing. we probably get customers every night asking to buy the hasslehoff poster. >> why do people want the posters so badly? >> i don't know, man. it is just like germany. the hasslehoff thing is, you know
:00" and don't forget to check out the london 2012 section of for more on the u.s. swim team, including how one of phelps' biggest competitors, ryan lochte, became one of the world's best swimmers. and it looks like we have some honors going on in our area right now. >> oh, you're so nice. thanks, angie. this is me at the rockville hilton last night. i want to say thank you to the montgomery county women's commission and the county for recognizing me for community achievements. i was one of ten ben who will now be part of the women's commission archives. that just says how long i've been around. [ laughter ] >> you did a lot in a little amount of time, girl. >> thank you. i was like, wow, that's a wake-up call! but i'm just honored and humbled to be a part of such a wonderful group of women who have been recognized by the commission. thank you very much. and to the korean american women's chamber of commerce, who got a table last night in my support. so, thank you, thank you! >> showing the love. showing the love. >> the korean sisters. >> the soul sisters is what we like to
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22